Farnum Hall, Author

October 4, 2020                 

I have now been on this earth 71 years, which is at least 40 more than I planned or anticipated on.

My sweet wife and I have been happily married for 52 years, or at least I have been, I have definitely learned to never speak for her on that matter. (GRIN)

The girl is not a quitter!

A few years ago, my wife, because of the eventful life I have led (and a little boredom on her part in my opinion), began encouraging (a really polite way of phrasing it) me to write a book.

I of course, being a card carrying male and a charter member of ‘procrastinators are us’ did what any self-respecting, left brain thinking person would have done, I activated ‘The Man Code’ and began to put up “Token Resistance”.

After about 5 years of her imitating the Colorado River, (me being the Grand Canyon) she succeeded in wearing me down and having completed the recognized minimum time of ‘Token Resistance’ I folded and did what I was told. (By the way, there is no shame in folding if you have put up ‘Token Resistance’.)

I have been lucky to have enjoyed a colorful and varied work life, working in professions such as cattle ranching in British Columbia, logging in British Columbia and Oregon, truck driving (everywhere) as well as working as a law enforcement officer in Oregon and Alaska .

In my travels, life experiences and occupations I have seen many things, (some of which my wife has informed me that I am to never look at again).

I have drawn on those things and my personal experiences in writing my books.

I have a penchant for wanting my characters to be in surroundings that are historically correct and have gone to great lengths to make that so.

When you peruse my writings, the ship, the captains, the sheriffs, the movers and shakers in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, as well as the businesses that my characters frequent, were all real in 1904 and some are still operating today.

I also have a personal knowledge of the country in which my characters travel in as I have lived in and traveled over the same routes.

I have been pleasantly surprised at the reception from the reading public to my writing. While my wife has been pleasantly surprised at how many opportunities she has had to utter the phrase, “I told you so!”

If you decide to sample my work, it is my fervent hope that you enjoy the journey as much as the many readers who have personally contacted Dorothy and I, have.

Thank you very much for considering my work.

Odean Farnum Hall II