The Big Alaska 1904 Fairbanks


This volume deals with the adventures that befall Link and Nevada as well as their friends in the gold rush town of Fairbanks, Alaska and their lives afterwards.

The book introduces E.T. Barnette who just happened to be a convicted felon from Oregon, as well as the founder and mayor of Fairbanks, Alaska.

Barnette, completely unbeknownst to the fair citizens of Fairbanks, had been convicted and sentenced to the Oregon State Penitentiary for chicanery involving the sale of some horses.

His family had purchased a pardon for him (evidently not uncommon in those days) and one of the stringent conditions of the pardon was that E.T. never set foot in the State Of Oregon again.

Barnette would eventually abscond years later with funds light fingered from one of the banks that he had founded and by all accounts, go on to live like a king in Mexico, once again showing his true colors. (You just can’t make this stuff up folks.)

Within five minutes of arriving in Fairbanks Lincoln Donovan manages to knock the chief of police on his pittootie and the action begins.

You will see the city of Fairbanks as it was in the year of 1904, the businesses that are mentioned as well as the movers and shakers in the early days of Fairbanks are all real and existed in the year of 1904.

You will learn the destiny of the characters in the story, as well as the true character of Fairbanks in its early years.

The history and the fast paced story will keep you enthralled.

Enjoy the read!


This is the third and last book of the series
“The Big Alaska 1904”.

Printed in the USA.