The Big Alaska 1904: The Voyage


This is the first book of the trilogy “The Big Alaska 1904” in which you will be introduced to Lincoln Donovan a ruggedly handsome young man, Nevada Wood a young and beautiful widow, her young daughter Madison and a youngster named Dylan, who sadly suffers the misfortune of being orphaned on the journey, not to mention, ‘Sam from Tennessee’, who is destined to become a major player in all their lives.

They find themselves thrown together on the docks of Seattle, Washington in 1904 while boarding “Alaska Steam’s” steamship “The Jefferson” enroute to Valdez, Alaska.

Lincoln Donovan is a strapping example of manhood in his prime, with a droll sense of humor as well as a natural understanding of life and people that goes well beyond his years.

Link is bound by his upbringing to a code of honor and fair play that cannot be swayed. He is not to be taken lightly and to do so would be a foolish endeavor, as proven unequivocally to several miscreants during the voyage.

Nevada is a clear eyed, strong young woman with a mind of her own, who doesn’t take kindly to being trifled with. She is a beauty, looking to start a new life far from the memories and the country where she lost her husband.

Sam proves to be a happy go lucky, devil may care, entrepreneur taking ten prime examples of muledom to the gold fields of Fairbanks in hope of parlaying them into riches untold!

Sam and Link, sharing by nature much the same sense of humor, fall naturally into the habit of trying to embarrass each other any chance they get during the voyage, which makes for highly amusing entertainment.

All in all, this book is 86,000 words of nonstop action with never a dull moment.

Our readers most repeated comment about “The Voyage” has been, “That they could not put it down”.


The VoyageThis is the first of 3 books.

Printed in the USA.